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My name is Jackie and I absolutely love working with people from all walks of life and ages. My heart ambition has always been to try to make a difference and enhance the quality of life and well-being of the individuals that I am privileged to work with.


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I have been working in the Health Care Field for 18 years in different capacities including Recreation Therapy and Personal Care. Most of my career has been working with the elderly. During this time I worked with persons with both physical and mental health challenges. Having this experience has made me aware of the needs of those in my care and has enabled me to become more effective in achieving my goal in adding to their quality of life and well being.


Working in Recreation therapy is where I first began to create and implement new programs that would reach all levels of challenges and abilities. Over the years it has been very encouraging for me to see the wonderful results that have contributed towards the personal development of those in my care through this uniquely created program.


Recognizing the uniqueness and success of this program has motivated me to expand my vision and goal in reaching out to a broader spectrum of people and ages, while having a continued interest to work with professional health care workers and those of non-commercial entities as well.  



        I'm looking forward to making a difference together with you.

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