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JLR Puzzle's



  • Non-commercial


  • Day Programs


  • Group Homes

  • Hospitals/Schools

  • Independant Living


  • Assisted Living


  • Long Term Care


  • Alzheimer's & Dementia Units







The Program Provider will come to your facility, bring all required program supplies and will work with Health Care Professional's to support participants in their level of ability and satisfaction.

Program Information



This is a Unique Mental Aerobics Therapeutic Puzzle Program that is great for both the highly intellectual, and for the mentally challenged.


This program exercises the mind, while giving fun and delight at the same time. 


Each participant will have the option to choose an Activity Sheet or a 14x14 inch

Magnetic Board that has an attachment for a visual puzzle picture, with matching magnetic pieces. 70 Magnetic Boards are available.


Participants can work on puzzles alone or can be teamed up with another person.







Magnetic Puzzle Program Levels 2-4  Examples              (Click on Picture to increase size)

This Therapeutic Program will help participants with understanding properties such as shape, size, and symmetry. It is a fun program that offers great activities to challenge visual perceptual skills. They are also helpful in developing motor planning skills, spatial relations, eye and hand coordination, and to increase problem-solving skills!


This program offers hundreds of designs along with many different card games and patterns for matching. It was designed to contribute towards each individual's mental capacity and development. These captivating puzzles will provide enjoyment for all levels. This program can be run between 1-2 hours, and will accommodate

approximately 100 people.


Program Levels

This Program offers Mental Capacity Levels that range from   



Low Level 1  Is for the mentally challenged, which include autism, cerebral palsy, dementia, and the early stages of alzheimer's.


Levels 2-4   Are for increasingly  Stronger Mental Capacities.


Mid               Level 2         

High             Level 3         

Advanced   Level 4 











Low Level 1 Examples

Activity Sheets Examples          Levels 1-4

For further information and to reserve a time and day for this awesome program; Please see the "Bookings" page.

(Click on Picture to increase size)

(Click on Picture to increase size)

Participants will be charged a fee of $7.00 for this program.The minimum number of 15 participants

must be registered one week prior to the program start date to proceed


Special small and large group rates are also available,

please inquire for further details.



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